A Practical Unloading Moving Schedule

Moving Policies & Procedures

Moving Procedures

The actual relocation of a Tenant office begins with a discussion with the management office of ideas and space needs and ends with the successful completion of the move. In between, there is planning, estimating and decision-making that must be accomplished within a defined time frame. The Management Team and Leasing Team will assist Tenants in every way possible to ensure a smooth and comprehensive relocation. Any arrangements for various trades such as telephone installation, copier installation, etc. should be set up through the Management Office.

Tenant Responsibilities Prior to Moving Out – Tenants are requested to follow the procedures listed below before moving out:

As soon as the tenant is aware of a potential move, they must contact the management office to schedule the freight elevator.

Contact the telephone company to discontinue service at this Building.

Turn in office keys and access building and/or parking cards to the Management Office.

Once all tenant items have been removed from the space, a walk-through must be scheduled with the Real Estate Manager and Chief Engineer.

Follow the “Moving Policies” described on this page.

Moving Polices

In order for building personnel to accommodate the Tenant and to protect the building property, the following policies should be followed. Contact the Management Office if there are questions

Special Requirements

The Management Office should be advised in writing of any special requirements in connection with the move. For example, if draperies, supplies, equipment, etc., are expected prior to the move, arrangements must be made for use of the elevator and for access to the tenant suite.

General Procedures

All items moved in or moved out must be taken to the loading dock and taken away immediately. There is not storing of items on the loading dock.

No items are to be moved across the main lobby floor.

Movers must contact the Dock Office prior to loading or unloading tenant materials or furniture. The mover will be required to provide identification and state the name of the Tenant being moved.

Only the freight elevator is to be used


Box Truck Unloading Procedures

A box truck is often used to transport large amounts of materials, and when you are in the process of unloading a box truck, there are safety strategies that you should employ to make sure there are no injuries and no damage to the product being unloaded. Establish safe habits when it comes to unloading a box truck, and make safety a part of your regular procedures. After a while, the ability to safely and efficiently unload a box truck will become almost become second nature to you.


Make sure the truck is level prior to unloading it. If you have the truck at an angle, the contents may begin to move as you unload them, and this could cause a safety hazard. Make sure the back of the truck is as close as possible to the loading dock to allow easy and safe movement from the truck to the building.

If there is no loading dock, be sure to use a ramp that is securely attached to the back of the truck. Do not attempt to unload a box truck by handing heavy and large items down from the back of the truck. If there is ice on the ground, be sure to spread salt around the tires to allow them the chance to melt the ice and grip on to the pavement. put parking blocks behind the tires to hold the vehicle in place, and be sure the engine is turned off before you begin to unload.

Safety Gear

When you are unloading a box truck, it can be difficult to tell where the next danger may come from. That is why it is important to wear the proper safety gear before you get to work. Use thick leather safety gloves to protect your hands and goggles to protect your eyes. If you are unloading hazardous materials, follow the unloading instructions on the material handling sheet to find out exactly what kind of safety gloves and goggles you should be wearing. Wear steel-toed boots on to protect your feet, and make sure you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to protect your skin. Wear a back brace if you will be lifting heavier items to help protect your back from injury.

Work Together

Always know where the other members of your team are when unloading a box truck. If you are using a crane or a forklift to unload, be sure a qualified person is operating the equipment and that everyone stays a safe distance from the equipment when it is in use. Communicate to each other constantly to be aware of what everyone is doing and where everyone is. Do not attempt to lift or move heavy items on your own; always ask for assistance to move larger items.



Some people are looking for load and unload help for loading their trucks when travelling long-distance. Particularly when they want to load a heavy item such as a piano into their trailers. In fact, they were looking for a crew of professionals who or hiring movers for 2 hours, for example, that assist them with loading and unloading.

Movers can help you if you need;

Hire movers to load and unload trucks or simply moving labour

Load and unload help

Hire movers for 2 hours (just movers without truck)

Uhaul unloading help

Can you hire movers to load a Uhaul?

And many other mover labour services.


Now, you are looking to hire a moving house company to load and unload trucks. Our moving labour helps you know how to load to ensure a good balance of weight in all parts of your trucks or trailers. For example, placing too much weight at the front of your truck is dangerous and unsafe when travelling long-distance. On the other hand, you need to fit all your belongings in your truck as it is not economical to make the second trip.

After ensuring that all the items fit in the truck, they secure the load with tie straps. Strapping your own trucks in different parts is another aspect of truck efficiency when long-distance trips.

However,  household movers usually prefer to start with small items such as moving boxes. Later, when the house or apartment starts to be empty, they will focus on bigger furniture items. At the destination, they have a chance to start with installation and placing the big items and later put the boxes and small items between the larger items.


Loading & Unloading

Any Type Of Storage

Whether you’ve hired a small moving van, a huge moving truck or are using a moving container that will be shipped via a 3rd party, our moving labor team has the expertise to pack your goods. They not only optimize space in the truck or storage container but also load your goods with care to ensure they make it to whatever awaits at the other end of your move in one piece. Moving labor services make any move more carefree.

Save Your Friends The Hard Work

Sure, it’s fun to get your friends or family members together to help with a move, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy a day with your friends instead of putting them to work? Your friends might be generous with their time and effort but they aren’t expert movers like our team of load and unload movers. Better to save your friend’s backs the pain and invite them to your housewarming party instead!

Get The Move Done Faster

It’s a proven fact that professional help unloading is much faster than everyday people. They work every day to help people with their moves and know how to make things flow smoothly. You’ve been working on your move for a while. Perhaps you’ve been packing all week and simply planning things for a month or longer. Take a load off and let your first few moments in your new home be restful with the help of load unload movers.

Start With Organization

Loading unloading help teams place your items in the designated rooms. That way, you will start off fresh with some level of organization. This small detail makes it a whole lot easier to get settled in your new home!


Loading and Unloading Services

Loading and unloading your moving truck, storage unit or POD is often the hardest part of a do-it-yourself move. Why not hire an experienced team of packers and movers to help make your next local or long distance move easier? We are proud to offer professional move labor services nationwide to help make a successful local, long distance, or commercial move. When you schedule our team for loading and unloading labor assistance, you can rest assured that your move is in expert hands.

team of professional movers highly-trained in all aspects of loading and unloading your moving truck, storage unit or POD, so you never have to worry about doing it yourself. As seasoned veterans of the moving industry, we stand by our promise to treat your belongings with expert care every step of the way. We’ll make sure every item is properly packed, sealed, and loaded to ensure the utmost safety of your property, and maximize space in your moving truck or storage solution.

Loading and Unloading Services You Can Rely On

You don’t have to worry when hiring us:

All our movers are fully vetted, with company uniforms, identity cards and references, all available for you to inspect.

Each employee undergoes fitness and personality testing before he/she can become a part of our team and goes through intense training.