Post Construction Cleaning With Trash Removal


After expending so much effort to build or remodel your home or office, it only makes sense to move into a space that shines.

Post-Construction Clean-up Crew includes trained experts who will make this difficult job absolutely turnkey. Each team is specifically hand-selected to meet your needs, and provides the following services:

Vacuuming and dusting of all surfaces and upholstery, from ceilings and walls to floors

Cleaning the tops of doors, door knobs, hardware, moldings

Complete disinfection of kitchens and bathrooms

Gentle cleaning of floors, baseboards, cabinets, counters, light fixtures, appliances

All glass, stone, and metal surfaces gently cleaned

Dust removal from blinds, ceiling pipes/fans, air ducts, vents, light fixtures

Window cleaning, including sills, window frames, and glass

Desk and cabinet cleaning (for offices)

HEPA filter vacuums and air machines provided for maximum dust removal

After our intensive Post-Construction cleaning is complete, you will be ready to unpack in a clean, dust-free environment.


Why is Post Construction Cleaning So Important?

Being an interior designer in the construction field for 31 years I know the importance of keeping a job site clean for obvious reasons. What many people fail to think about is post-construction cleaning and if not done properly can create a not so good outcome

The Importance of Post-Construction Cleaning

A well-run job site is clean when you walk through it from the beginning until the end of the project. Whether you are an owner/builder or a construction company this is a must for a well-organized job. Let me explain the reasons why you need good construction cleaning services.

There is Safety in the Clean Up

When construction is going on there is debris, and where there is debris there is an accident waiting to happen. It is so important that cleanup is routinely done in order for this not to build up. Companies like Construction Cleaning Spokane know this all too well and warn people about the liability you can face if someone is hurt due to trash on a construction site. If you live in the Spokane area this is a quality company that offers, all types of cleaning services at home or the office cleaning the premises quickly, professionally and qualitatively.

How to Properly Disposal of Debris

Most municipalities require construction waste to be separated and sorted like paint and other chemicals. In most cases, they are to be delivered to a special facility for legal disposal. For this reason, it is important to work with a professional construction cleaning company or you could face a fine.

Debris Effects Project Efficiency & Timeline

Time is certainly of the essence when it comes to construction. In a delay of a project someone is displaced which will cost someone money. If the homeowner is working with a professional builder there might be a penalty clause in their contract for a delay which is highly motivating for the contractor to have a quick post-construction cleaning. Even a homeowner who is running their own project, by this time, is anxious to complete and move in. By hiring a professional cleanup company you know they will have all of the necessary equipment for a quick turn around.


Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning is an important final step of the building process as construction sites are left in a dirty or hazardous state.  There is often dirt and dust left behind that can get into the ventilation system as well as other debris such as nails, screws, tools, and building materials that can make the area somewhat dangerous

Post Construction Cleaning Process

Once a residential construction job is complete, the client’s satisfaction with the job will be due in part to the cleanliness they experience in the final walk through.  Our technicians clean everything including the walls, floors, and windows to make the area safe to enter and we use a HEPA vacuum to remove dirt and dust so that it will never contaminate the home again

The specific post construction cleaning services we provide include:

Paint overspray cleaning

Dusting air diffusers

Light fixture cleaning

Restroom fixture cleaning

Spot cleaning walls

Spot cleaning interior glass

Vacuuming and spot treating carpet

Damp mopping of hard surface floors

begin each post construction cleaning job by inspecting the site to determine a plan of action and timeframe to complete the work.  The customer is given an estimate and copy of the work plan and our field supervisor will keep the customer updated on the progress of the project.


Post Construction

Post construction cleaning is an easy way to prepare a newly-built home or renovation project. We offer professional-quality post-construction cleaning services which exceed customers’ expectations.

Whether it’s a new home, a renovation project, or a recently-constructed commercial space, our certified technicians use industry-standard equipment to make that area look its best.

cleaning services typically include:

Thorough HEPA-vacuum & cleaning of all surfaces

Clean all windows, windowsills, window tracks, and frames

Remove all paint, glue, stickers, and residue from glass

Clean inside cabinets and drawers

Clean doors and frames

Clean baseboard, trim & casings

Clean and wipe lighting fixtures

Steam clean carpeted areas where required

Sanitize bathroom and wash or scrub all floors

HEPA-vacuum and/or steam clean any furniture

Cleaning & Restoration does all of the things needed to turn your construction site into a livable, workable space. Want to make sure a construction project looks brand new? Our post construction cleaning specialists provide thorough cleaning services and spectacular results.

use HEPA filtration vacuums, steam cleaning machines, and floor scrubbers. Our professionally-certified staff is trained to expertly deal with a diverse range of conditions


Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning is not for the faint of heart. Cement, paint, wood chippings, dust, grease and grim all make cleaning a daunting task. Not to mention the risks of exposure to harmful chemicals, fumes and biohazards.

Cleaning Services is a compact team of expert cleaners who handle the grit and mess from construction and building.We are trained and equipped to give you thorough and professional post construction cleaning services. By making use of the best cleaning products and tools, we take pride in our ability to provide rapid and efficient clean up even for the most disorganized places.

clean office buildings, schools, residential houses, malls and other types of buildings, top to bottom, inside out, you name it. Our wide range of post construction cleaning services include;

Window cleaning


Dust removal

Steel polishing

Stain removal



Bathroom sinks

Floor scrubbing

Cabinet cleaning

Glass polishing

Kitchen appliances



Furniture cleaning

Bathroom shower heads

Why Hire a Post-Construction Cleaning Expert?

You want the perfect result? Hire a professional. It’s not rocket science. You shouldn’t attempt to clean a newly constructed building yourself, neither should you hire someone who not skilled to handle the unique demands of post construction cleaning. Take the hassle off of yourself and let a reputable company handle your post construction cleaning.  Some of the reasons why you should hire an expert are listed as follows.

They are Experts – There is a big difference in hiring a professional and hiring a quack. When you hire an expert, you are rest assured that all necessary aspects of the cleaning is taken care of. These people are trained to do what they do. They spend so many years in training and they have lots of experience.